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Home Features Search for Seven to Open February with ‘Young Love’ Concert

Cover art designed by senior Zachary Moll for Search for Seven’s new single, “Young Love,” which will debut on Feb. 2. Photo courtesy of the Search for Seven Facebook page.


By Hayden Rensner

Student band Search for Seven will be showcasing their first concert of the year on Saturday, Feb. 2nd at 7:30 p.m. in Weller Auditorium.

The four band members behind Search for Seven are seniors Josiah Rensner, Aidan Moon, David Schrampfer and fifth-year senior Devon Thompson.

Through their music, the members of Search for Seven strive to create a peaceful and “sabbath-like” environment for their audience.

“The idea behind the name ‘Search for Seven’ drives our purpose, which is the idea of seven as in the seventh day of rest, and how music can be that rest,” Schrampfer said.

Search for Seven is in the process of shifting their musical style, and they will be premiering their new song “Young Love” at Saturday’s show.

“The song ‘Young Love’ that we will be debuting is a newer song that we wrote over the summer. It kind of captures the essence of the new music that we are putting out because it has a very different sound and very different feel,” Schrampfer said.

The band members said they enjoyed working on the music for the upcoming concert.

“It’s a fun group of songs. It’s a really solid set,” Moon said.

Search for Seven has not only brought audience members closer together and in close community with one another, but the band members have also formed a close bond with one another.

“Three guys who I didn’t really know super well now are what I kind of consider to be brothers,” Thompson said.

Search for Seven looks forward to showcasing their efforts to students on Saturday. To learn more about the band, visit their Facebook page.

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