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Hello there, my name is Madeline “Maddy” Peters and I am the new sports editor this year. I have been on the Sower team for a year now as a sports reporter, but I have received a promotion. I wrote the football, track and field, and some of the basketball articles.


I am a sophomore at Concordia Neb. studying secondary history education. I have had a passion for the subject for many years and am excited for the opportunity to hopefully share what I have learned to high school students in the future.


I am from Sioux Falls, S.D. and attended the Lutheran high school in town. My high school was rather small, so we did not have a school newspaper. In college I decided to try something different; journalism has played a large part in directing the flow of history, so I wanted to see that perspective to better understand why journalism does the things it does.


I am excited to continue my time at the Sower and improve on my skills this upcoming year!

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