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Home News Student Senate to Host Open Forum Concerning Swipe Boxes

Nora Betts

Sower Staff


The Student Senate hopes to host an open forum before the end of the semester so Chartwells’ Director of Dining Services Bob Agee can hear student concerns and support for Dog House swipe boxes before his retirement early next year.

Senate President Julia Witt on Tuesday said that she spoke with Agee about reinstating the swipe boxes. The program offers a six-item menu at the Dog House that can be purchased with a meal swipe rather than Bulldog Bucks.

Witt said she “got a better understanding of why we had swipe boxes in the first place.”

Swipe boxes, which were discontinued two years ago, brought more students to the Dog House during the COVID-19 pandemic when no outside community members were allowed in the building. Increased business at the Dog House diverted people from the Janzow dining hall, which had a limited capacity, and brought sales back to their usual level.

Senate members were largely in favor of continuing to push the reinstatement of the swipe box program. Although the Janzow dining hall is slowly incorporating burgers into its menu, Senate members voted to continue the discussion with Chartwells.

The next step is an open forum for Agee to hear student opinions. Some Senate members argued that waiting until after Agee’s retirement and discussing the issue with a new director would allow for new ideas, but the general consensus was to work with Agee, who already is involved.

“If Bob wants to talk with students, let’s do it before he leaves,” said Senate member Nathaniel Mars.

The Senate also discussed the issue of campus safety. A Google form emailed on Nov. 9 to the student body received 100 responses on the first day and a total of 138 responses, said Treasurer Alec Johnston. Questions on the survey included, “Do you feel safe on campus?” and “What outdoor areas on campus need better lighting?”

Most students who filled out the survey listed Jesse Hall, Weller Hall, David Hall, the football field sidewalks, and the gravel parking lot as areas of concern with regard to lighting. 

Many students responded that they were unsure of how to contact campus security. The Public Relations Committee may work with the Student Life Office to make posters addressing this issue.

Senate members agreed that more student input should be gathered before bringing any safety concerns to campus security. The PR Committee will resend its survey and remind students via social media.

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