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Photo courtesy of Sower staff.

by Benjamin Gordon


The first week at Concordia is always a mix of nervousness and anticipation but students of all academic standings are managing to get by, although with different perspectives..

Freshman Cameron Farmer is a track and field athlete from Texas. He was a little nervous to introduce himself to people but is getting into the rhythm of working and meeting people at college.

The one thing that really like shocks me is how nice you all are,” Farmer said.

Sophomore Jasmine Cody is a physics major and is more comfortable than she was as a freshman, even though school means getting up earlier again.

“I started to get more involved in my major [and] getting to know myself as a… science person,” Cody said.

Junior Jacob Garrison is Pre-Seminary and English. He is also a Resident Assistant for a second year. He is enjoying seeing friends he didn’t see over the summer and is dealing with his new routine.

“I realized how diligent I’m going to have to be this semester to keep up with the amount of work and extracurricular commitments I have,” Garrison said.

Senior Gage Boehm is a computer science and mathematics major who lives off campus. He is comfortable and confident in his last year, even though it’s hard to transition out of summer.

“It was a little stressful because I was trying to work on the [Computer Science] senior project,” Boehm said. “Trying to figure out what was I going to do and how was I going to make it happen.”

The individual growth that occurs in the span of four years is impressive. The perceptions of the first week seem to be more relaxed the more experience a person has in college.   Upcoming course work also seems to be more of a focus for the upperclassmen. However all students, disregarding academic standing, seem to be excited about their upcoming year.

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