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Home Features Students Reflect on the Meaning of Lent

By Paige Uzzell


As Holy Week quickly approaches, the Lenten season will be coming to an end with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This means that students who gave up something for Lent will be able to enjoy those items or activities again.

Students at Concordia come from all kinds of faith backgrounds. Each faith has different rules for the Lenten season. Even though each denomination is slightly different, they all celebrate for the same reasons.

“Lent is important because it gives me a chance to grow in my relationship with God,” freshman Theresa Tvrdy said. “It also gives me a chance to remember all that God sacrificed for us and how thankful and blessed I am for all the things I have.”

Freshman Britney Lewis talked about the relationship Jesus has with Christians through Lent.

“Lent is important because it is the season of Christ’s death and resurrection,” Lewis said. “It reminds Christians that he died for us and how he loves us.”

Not every church has its members give up something for Lent. Non-denominational churches do not usually have Lent sacrifices, but others are known to give up meat on Fridays or some other comfort during the season.

“I gave up candy and snacking, but I also tried to dedicate my time to pray to God,” Tvrdy said.

In the end, Lent is a celebration that is brought together through every denomination to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for the sins of humanity. It all leads to Holy Week where he died and rose from the dead.

“Lent is a reflection, not only by the church, but by individual Christians,” freshman Hannah Fitzsimmons said. “We celebrate the ministry of Christ, which culminates in Holy Week.”

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