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President Friedrich waves to attendees of Women in Business Luncheon before getting up to speak. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

By Paige Uzzell

Concordia’s Business Club honored Dixie Zabka, the 2019 Outstanding Woman in Business award winner, at the 16th-annual Women in Business Luncheon. The community of Seward, Concordia alumni and current students gathered April 12 in the Cattle Conference Room to celebrate female leaders.


Zabka has been working in the Seward community for many years– she works with the Zabka-Perdue Funeral Home, and has been working there since 1977. In 1998 she and her husband, Greg Zabka, bought the Wood Brothers Mortuary.

In 2018 the couple left the business but remained involved in the community and in funeral services. As a leader in the community and in her career, Zabka has left her mark.

Concordia professors converse before the Women in Business Luncheon begins. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

“I think it’s important to recognize the women in business, and all they do to make this community great,” freshman Emily Rasmussen said. “I think it is also important to learn from their example and be inspired to do great things in return.”

Events like the luncheon allows for the community to gather together and celebrate its members achievements.

“I think it really brings the two together and allows local people to come and honor people like Dixie, and also Concordia, who is hoping to create women in business for the future,” senior student chair for the Women in Business Luncheon Committee Jacy Johnston said.

Concordia hosted the Women in Business Luncheon in the Cattle Conference Room. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

The past few months have been really busy for the Business Club, as they prepared for the Luncheon. The work began in October and has continued up until the day of the event. Overall, work lead to an event that left an impact on the community.

“Having women-in-business leaders gives our community different styles of leadership and new perspectives on different issues facing the community, making our community more well-rounded and adaptable to change,” Rasmussen said. “Recognizing these leaders shows our appreciation and gratitude to these women who have given so much.”

The Women in Business Luncheon honored Zabka, along with the 2018 Women in Business scholarship recipients: senior Abby Protzman, senior Annie Schmidt, senior Emma Gremmer and senior Jacy Johnston.

“It is so important to have women leaders,” Rasmussen said. “That way other women and young girls can see them and recognize that they can be leaders too. The women (that) are paving the way into new positions are so invaluable for the next generation of girls to see how broad their career options and life opportunities are.”

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