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by Jayme Lowe

Studying in college can be a whole different beast from studying in high school. Luckily, Concordia is chock-full of great tips, tricks and resources to help you do your best in all your classes.

Tip One: Make a friend in all your classes.

It may not be someone you hang out with outside of that class, but having a pal to compare notes or work on projects with can be extremely valuable. Having a friend in a class you find difficult can be even more helpful around midterms and finals– you can quiz each other, exchange ideas and ace those tests together. However, make sure you don’t end up copying each other’s assignments! Cheating isn’t cool.

Tip Two: Know your limits.

If you have a week packed with projects and tests, you can easily feel overwhelmed. If you stretch yourself too far, by staying up late to study or skipping meals to cram, your health can be seriously affected. Getting enough sleep and eating proper meals may take time away from studying, but they will help you stay healthy and sane. If you’re completely exhausted and can’t focus, take a nap or eat a quick snack. These breaks can help you refocus and do something more productive than stare at a page for three hours.

Tip Three: Use your resources.

Tip Three: Use your resources. If you’re struggling with a class or just want your essays checked, head over to the Academic Resource Center in Link Library. There, you can get tutoring from fellow students who have survived the hardest classes Concordia has to offer in subject areas from English to math to physics. You can also submit writing to be proofread. The ARC is a great FREE way to get that extra help when it’s needed. They also offer support for test-taking skills, organization and time management. The Tutoring and Writing Center is open 7-10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday and you can also set up appointments for writing help. For more information, go to or visit the center in Room 138 in Link Library.

Tip Four: Reward yourself (wisely).

If you’ve been studying all weekend and are mentally exhausted, your brain probably can’t absorb any more information. It’s okay to take a break and watch a movie with your friends or go to Lincoln on a Raising Cane’s run. Always remember that your mental health comes first. Just don’t reward yourself too much– watching three hours of Netflix for every hour of studying done is not a rewards system that will get you very far!

Studying in college can be difficult, but always remember: hundreds of other students have taken the same classes as you and survived, so you can too. Concordia wants you to succeed and all your fellow

Bulldogs believe in you! Let’s hit the books, Bulldogs!
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