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Home Opinion How to Survive CIT as an Introvert / Person Apathetic to Athletics

by Carolina VonKampen


So it’s CIT weekend, and Concordia Nebraska is hosting, which means that campus is about to be busier than Plum Creek Literary Festival. Or feel like it at least, since college students take up more room than small children. But, yay, everyone’s excited because, basketball! Who doesn’t love basketball and crowds of college students? Everyone on campus is super psyched about CIT weekend, right?

Well. Not all of us. Some of us would rather not see or hear large masses of people, and although we love and support our fellow classmates in all their endeavors, we don’t want to pay $25 to go watch a basketball game surrounded by those aforementioned large masses of people.



Maybe you’re just not really into sports.


Or maybe you just don’t like loud people, especially crowds of them.



Either way, here’s how to survive CIT weekend:

Hide in the library.

giphy (2)


Use those earbuds. Everyone knows not to talk to you if you’re wearing them. Social cues for the win!



Better yet, get noise-cancelling headphones. You won’t regret investing in these.

giphy (1)


Go to Janzow or the Dog House at weird times to avoid the crowds. Lunch at 1:30? Worth the wait.



Or, better yet, go off-campus for a meal or two.

giphy (3)


Play a card game or board game with your like-minded introvert friend(s). Best spot on campus? The bottom of the stairwells in David Hall.



Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Turn up the volume and maybe you can drown out the shouting coming from Walz.



Take a reaaaalllllly long shower. You’re not obligated to interact with people while you’re in the shower.



Redecorate your room. Maybe Seward Walmart has finally restocked its Command Strips section.



Experience CIT vicariously through social media updates…especially The Sower’s coverage on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and our online site.



Go for a walk on Plum Creek Trail. Take pictures, exercise (it’ll help you sleep better!), whatever you need to do to step away from people and step into nature.



Go to church at St. John Lutheran Church on Sunday. I mean, the singing’s got to be amazing this weekend, right?



If you really can’t take it, get off campus. Get out of town, even. Go to a nice nearby village and have fun exploring.



Or, just leave the state.


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