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Home Arts & Culture Wind Ensemble Performs in Spring Break Tour

by Paige Uzzell


The Concordia University Wind Ensemble traveled across four states during spring break to bring music across the Midwest.  

The ensemble performed at seven concert venues, five schools and three church services.

The group consisted of  39 members directed by Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Andrew Schultz.

The group gave up their spring break with their own families, but according to senior band member Josiah Schultz, they were able to stay with different host families across the different states.

“I think my favorite part about of this tour was the home stays,” Josiah Schultz said. “I was blessed with great hosts and fun groups. I didn’t always get enough sleep, but I sure did laugh a lot.”

Josiah Schultz majors in theology and Christian education leadership in the Director of Christian Education program. He is a senior euphonium player in the band and expressed his love for the ensemble and his section.

“I play the majestic and most highly esteemed euphonium,” Josiah Schultz said. “The euphonium is the crown jewel of the most foundational section in the Concordia University Wind Ensemble: the low brass.”

Josiah Schultz said the ensemble’s primary focus is not showcasing their talents but giving praise to God with music.

“Concordia is pretty clear about the purpose of touring,” Josiah Schultz said. “Our primary focus is worshipping God with our music. We work to praise God with excellence and are intentional about being witnesses to Christ in our actions and attitudes while we are on tour.”

Not only were the students performing for others, but they performed with others.

“We got to play alongside middle school band students, as well as praise and worship teams,” sophomore Sarah Benz said.

Josiah Schultz said the experience has proven to be one of value and enjoyment, and it created bonds that are hard to find outside a close-knit community like the band.

“I think that it is a valuable and fun experience,” Josiah Schultz said. “Students will build bonds and create memories that will last a lifetime.”

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