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Home News 10:31 Reveals a New Look and Menu Additions for the New Semester

Photo by Morgan German


by Corrianne Cain

Walk into Janzow Top this semester and something looks strikingly different than it did prior to Christmas break. A bright green wall and hanging chalkboard menu boards adorn 10:31 Coffee Shop’s recently redesigned space

10:31 Coffee Shop has been a student-run business on campus since April of 2008. The coffee shop got its start after Concordia’s Business Club pitched the successful idea at a competition for university business programs. 

“The Business Club started (10:31 Coffee Shop) in the basement of Link Library,” Lozier said. “We then moved to JTop, but in the Student Success Center.” 

In 2011, 10:31 Coffee Shop moved to its current location in Janzow Top. 

“We haven’t done anything to the space since we moved in,” said senior and 10:31 manager Grace Lozier. “It was definitely time.” 

Part of a plan developed over a year ago by 10:31’s management team, which consists of three business students, the fresh look for 10:31 Coffee Shop includes paint and new menus

The Buildings and Grounds staff worked on renovations over Christmas break.

Renovations for 10:31 are not complete, however. 

“Over the summer, we’re getting new cabinets and countertops and we will re-arrange a little,” Lozier said

The renovations have already drawn the attention of the Concordia community and provided an impact on 10:31’s business.

“We already have had a lot of people comment on it and say, ‘Wow! It looks really bright!’” Lozier said. “We’ve had a lot of people just come up to look at it, and then they’re already in line.” 

New paint and new menu boards are not the only things that are new for this semester at 10:31 Coffee Shop

“We just got Uncrustable sandwiches, pre-bottled Gatorade protein shakes, and we have new travel mugs,” Lozier said. 

Lozier is hopeful that all the new additions at 10:31 Coffee Shop will have a positive benefit this semester

“We know that coffee is an essential part of the campus and office lifestyle, and we are thrilled to help with that,” Lozier said. “We are successful because we understand exactly what our customers want, and because we have a friendly and inviting atmosphere.”

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