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Photo by Sonja Brandt

By Kaytlyn Kindschy

There are many clubs on campus for students with all kinds of different interests and hobbies, however, the Art Club may strike the interest of creative minds.

CUNE’s Art Club is where students can come together to discuss and observe different ideas and styles in art outside of the classroom.

“One of the most important activities we do is take a trip to see artwork in gallery and museum spaces beyond the Seward and Lincoln area,” Art Club President senior Jordyne Vanselow said.

In previous years, the Art Club has travelled as far as Des Moines, Iowa, Omaha and Kansas City to visit different art galleries and museums.

“It is important for us to branch outside of this area in order to see artwork in a different context than what we know in our daily lives,” Vanselow said.

CUNE Art Club also hosts guest artists to speak to their club members as well as critique nights where students can get feedback from other students on

the artwork they submit to be displayed.

“Because Art Club has students from all class levels, this is especially beneficial as students have the chance to engage in a dialogue about artwork with other students that they might not usually have class with,” Vanselow said.

Art Club is also planning a pop-up art show before Spring Break. Flyers will be put up in the next few weeks.

Questions about or interest in Art Club can be directed to Vanselow.

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