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Home Sports Baseball Team Starts with Season with Strong Offense

Pitcher Treyton Nixon at the team’s April 10 game against York College.

Photo by Sonja Brandt


By Morgan Consier


Concordia’s baseball team reached the halfway point in their season at the conclusion of their game on April 9. They maintainied an undefeated record in the 2018-19 season after playing 15 conference games. However, in their sixteenth game, a doubleheader against Midland University in Fremont, their streak was halted.

Head Baseball Coach Ryan Dupic said things “clicked” for the team after starting out 6-10 in non-conference games. They came together to make good offensive and defensive plays.

Dupic said the team has worked hard to reach the point where they are now and that a lot of that has to do with the students themselves, not him as a coach.

“Once last season ended, I spoke with a lot of different players, and they felt that we really needed to make sure that we were right in terms of player leadership,” Dupic said. “They felt that there were some things that they could do to better create the type of chemistry we were looking for in our program and taking a more active role. We felt as coaches we needed to be good listeners and to make sure we were keeping everybody on the same page.”

Dupic said he enjoys the team because he gets to work with good people and gets to be a part of the Concordia community.

“What I think so far has made this team unique is just the way they’ve been able to be so connected,” Dupic said. “(There are) very strong relationships they have on the team. They really enjoy being around one another. They’ve stayed very focused but also having fun, kind of struck that nice balance, which is great.”

As the team moves through the second half of their season, Dupic looks forward to finishing with the team in the same strong way they started.

“(The team) is just a really great group of kids, and I’m really happy for them, and they’ve worked really hard,” Dupic said. “Things are going well, and we’re hoping to improve and finish strong for our season.”

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