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Home Sports Bulldog Stadium Receives New Round of Renovations

by Taylor Roby

Bulldog Stadium was under construction yet again this past summer, bringing the second phase of its renovations closer to completion.

The second phase of renovations includes a new cross tower, an archway entrance gate and a home for the victory bell.

The new tower supporting a cross was built in the Northeast corner of the stadium. Donated by William and Doris Hartmann, the cross will serve as a reminder of the importance of faith in all that is done at Concordia.

The victory bell will be moved from the Northeast corner of the stadium to the Northwest corner.  There is a long standing tradition to ring the bell after home field wins, and the victory bell will now not only be supported by an arch, but also in close proximity to home fans.

“The updates to the stadium are looking awesome already. I really like the new location for (the) victory bell,” junior soccer player Maria Deeter said. “I look forward to ringing the bell multiple times in front of our home fans this season.”

Between the cross tower and the victory bell, a gated archway will give athletes a new and improved entrance when taking the field.

In addition to the athletic and aesthetic appeal, the new entrance and fencing will be beneficial for security purposes. Newly lighted sidewalks will also add to the campus safety. All chain link fencing has been replaced with wrought iron.

Bulldog Stadium was constructed in 1997 and the Walz Human Performance Complex was completed twelve years later. In an attempt to help these facilities fit seamlessly together, the stadium’s north entrance was reconstructed between May and August of this past year.

The first phase of renovations included a resurfacing of the track and new dual fiber turf. Teams that will directly benefit from these upgrades include football, men’s and women’s soccer and outdoor track and field.

Updated facilities will continue to be a draw for more athletes to Concordia.

“Having played 4 years of college at the NAIA Level, I’ve seen my fair share of facilities. The facilities at Concordia are second to none,” Soccer goalkeeper Coach Dan Ball said. “It’s a great tool for recruiting, great tool for our athletes and provides a great atmosphere to work and compete in.”

Photos by Morgan German

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