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Home Opinion Just Pitsching Ideas: How do I make friends in college?

by Madison Pitsch

Dear Madison,

How do I make friends in college?

You came to the right person. I might be the weirdest person I know, and I still managed to trick a few people into being my friends. Follow this advice, and you should have at least two friends by the end of this week!

Tip One: Remember people’s names!

The funny thing about remembering people’s names is that it makes them think that you have a personal relationship with them, even if you don’t… yet! I know you’re going to be meeting a lot of people these first month, but with this easy trick, you’ll be remembering names and making friends in no time. When they introduce themselves, repeat their name back to them, (“Hi, what’s-your-name). Then, while talking with them, use their name in the conversation, (So, what’s-your-name, where are you from?). Finally, use their name when you say goodbye, (Peace out, what’s-your-name!).

Tip Two: Ask questions!

Yes. You are all nervous. Being nervous makes conversation hard. However, the one thing that everyone loves to talk about (and knows how to talk about,) is themselves. Ask them questions about what they like, where they are from, what their class schedule is like, etc. Another bonus about asking people questions is that you get to figure out if you want to hang out with them after that! Woo! Twofer.

Tip Three: Participate!

How in the world do you ever plan on making friends if all you do is sit in your room the first week and do homework? I know not everyone’s shtick is going out and being super social, but dude… You have to do it, even if it is only for a week; it needs to happen. After the first month, you can be as much of a hermit as you want, but right now you need to get out and do stuff. Go play volleyball, go to all of the sporting events, do your homework in J-Top. Something is always going to be better than nothing!

Tip Four: Be yourself!

I know what you’re thinking… “Geez, Madison. You sound like my mom.” You know what? I do sound like your mom. I sound like your mom because your mom has a good point. People respond to authenticity. If you’re being your true self, people will know, and the people who totally dig your vibe will stay with you. On the other hand, people can sniff out a fake. If you are trying to be somebody you’re not, people might like the fake you for a little while, but eventually they’ll figure it out. Be you, my friends, it works!

These tried-and-true tips have got a 97.999% success rate. And if, by chance, you are the other 2.001%, I’ll at least be your friend. Good luck!



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