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Home News Bulldogs for Life Hosts Diaper Drive

Members of Bulldogs for Life posing outside of Wal-Mart with Lincoln Pregnancy Center Board of Directors member Lori Soflin. Photo by Dana Simpkin.


by Dana Simpkin


Saturday morning, Nov. 12, members of Bulldogs for Life braved the blustery weather to stand outside of local businesses to collect diaper donations for the Lincoln Pregnancy Center.

Junior Samantha Coomer, Bulldogs for Life’s fundraising officer, said that at their Wal-Mart location alone they had collected over 1,000 diapers in just two hours. In addition, they received blankets, clothing, baby wipes, bottles, cash donations, and lots of thank-yous and well-wishes.

The same items were collected outside of Pac-N-Save by another handful of Bulldogs for Life students. Several individuals and families approached the students to inquire about the drive and how their donations would be used.

The drive ended at 11 a.m and all of the collected items were taken to the Lincoln Pregnancy Center.

The center provides free healthcare services to women in need and is claimed to be Planned Parenthood’s biggest competitor in the city. In addition to encouraging women to choose pro-life alternatives to abortion, they also offer post-abortion counseling and parenting classes for young couples.

Lori Soflin, a member of the center’s Board of Directors, was ecstatic to see the students outside of Wal-Mart when she happened to stop in for some groceries. She hugged each student and thanked them individually for their work with the organization, then asked for a photo to put on the center’s Facebook page.

The Sunday before the drive, Patrick McCarthy, services director at the center, gave a presentation on campus for the organization’s members about the impact their service would have on the center and the women it supports.

“I believe if you can give a parent all the options when you’re helping to convince them to choose life, it makes a difference,” Coomer said. “When people see us out here taking a stand…that makes a difference too.”

In an e-mail sent out to members of the club, Bulldogs for Life Officer Lindsay Sampson reiterated this sentiment, “Our community loves to see college students who care and act. The smile on your face testifies to the love of Christ, even on a cold Saturday morning.”

The Sunday following the drive, Bulldogs for Life sold baked goods at local churches to raise money to send members to the annual National March For Life taking place in Washington D.C. in January. In the coming months, the club will host more fundraisers and invite more pro-life speakers to campus.

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