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Home News Campus Republicans Remember 9/11 with Parade of Flags

Photos courtesy of Angela Bell

by Madison Pitsch


The Concordia University College Republicans were up before the sun on Sept. 11, placing 2,977 U.S. flags at the Parade of Flags (east of Seward on Highway 34) in order to commemorate those who died during the terrorist attacks 17 years ago.

“We chose to do our memorial in this way because it distinctly honors each individual who lost their life 17 years ago today. It’s also a very impactful sight to see that many flags–it helps remind us just how much the attacks affected our nation and the lives of many Americans,” Angie Bell, co-president of the Concordia University College Republicans, said.

The club called it the Never Forget Project. The flags, donated by the Joe Foss Institute, were originally planned to be placed on campus, but the club decided to look for someplace in the community of Seward instead.

They were joined by Nebraska Sen. Mark Kolterman and about nine other volunteers. More volunteers will remove the flags tonight.

“We wanted the Seward community as a whole to have the opportunity to take part–of course the Parade of Flags immediately came to mind,” Bell said.

The Parade of Flags is sponsored by the Seward Kiwanis Club and the City of Seward. The club had to get permission from both.

“September 11th is a difficult but meaningful date for many Americans, and we as a group wanted to ensure that it’s treated with the proper respect,” Bell said.


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