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Photo caption: Five staff members discuss their pro-life views in a panel discussion on Sept. 21. Photo by Jordyn Sturms.


by Angela Bell


Bulldogs for Life hosted a pro-life panel on Wednesday, Sept. 21 with guest speakers Gene Brooks, Rev. Dr. Terence Groth, Rehema Kavugha, Kelley Limback and Rev. Russell Sommerfeld. These staff members shared their stories on the sanctity of life and answered questions based upon their different perspectives.

Limback shared a story of her mother who was diagnosed with cancer and faced a tough decision of fighting until the end or looking into “death with dignity.” Ultimately, she believed her time should be chosen by God, and Limback learned how precious life is here on earth.

Kavugha opened up about how her grandmother had been raped by her boyfriend when she was young. Though she never had an abortion, she went as far as to roll down a hill with the chance it might hurt the child. She later gave birth to that child and became a grandmother to Kavugha.

Both Sommerfeld and Groth spoke of their experiences as pastors working with those who were dealing with the guilt of abortion.

“Life is just absolutely precious,” Groth said.

Brooks shared a personal story about his wife and her fifth pregnancy.  Though it was an unplanned pregnancy, her life was ultimately saved because a brain aneurysm would not have been discovered otherwise. He concluded that God does not make mistakes.

Though each speaker had a different background and experience with the subject matter, a theme of the panel was that love, not judgement, is the best thing one can offer to someone in pain.

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