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Home Features Concordia students connect in Uruguay through love of God

The Uruguay mission team shares God’s love with students at San Pablo Lutheran School. Photo courtesy of Autumn Johnson.

By Victoria Cameron

Concordia students, faculty and staff travelled to Uruguay in May to spread God’s love.

They went to San Pablo Lutheran School in Montevideo, Uruguay to serve students 3-16 years old. Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalize marijuana, and has the highest suicide rate in South America.

“The kids we worked with are spiritually needy,”sophomore Autumn Johnson said. “Despite attending a Lutheran school, many students are non-believers. Many could not understand why we would leave the comfort of the United States to travel to Uruguay just to share the love of Christ.”

The team focused on sharing God’s love with the students in a variety of ways. The school has long term missionaries, but having the mission team visit meant that families of students were more likely to also be affected.

“With the power of the Holy Spirit and through sharing Bible stories, making crafts, and conversing, we shared Christ’s love,” Johnson said. “My group taught about the parable of the Prodigal Son and made crafts with the students to remind them of God’s love for them, even when they turn from Him.”

The team also focused on building relationships. They did this through participating in English conversation club classes. The students were eager to have someone to talk to.

“One of my favorite parts of the mission trip was connecting with the school students in the classrooms through English activities and games,” Director of Global Opportunities Julie Hermann said.

 The mission trip will be available again next May.

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