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Home Sports CUNE volleyball ready to bring the fire

Photo by Whitney Pottschmidt

By Victoria Cameron

Concordia’s volleyball team is ready to fight and provide students with exciting games to watch from the very beginning of the semester.

The team opened their season Aug. 21. They came out of summer ready to play from putting in time working out.

“Whether it was in their hometown gyms or here at Concordia they worked very hard at getting stronger for the season,” Head Volleyball Coach Ben Boldt said. “We also held open gyms and camps throughout the summer.  They did a good job of coming in to the season in shape.”

The volleyball team is proud that they play at a fast pace that is fun to watch, and that every point has players pulling off amazing plays.

“Some of our hardest attacks reach up to 60 miles per hour,” Boldt said. “My favorite part of the game to watch, though, is great defense. When we block a ball or get an amazing dig I get really fired up.”

Volleyball’s first home game of the semester is Aug. 30 at 7 p.m. against Waldorf University.

“All we need is your energy from the stands,” Boldt said. “Crowds have been known to help turn the momentum of the game with their energy.”

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