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Photo by Sonja Brandt

By Julia Witt


Concordia’s new “Ag Club” is committed to providing any and all students with the opportunity to learn about agriculture and the many career opportunities within the field. 

This year the Ag Club is hoping to be more active on and off campus and bring in lots of new members. Plans are in place to bring a speaker to campus in October to talk about the basics of agriculture and its connection to everyday life. A meal will also be provided at the event. In the future, the club hopes to travel to farms and other agricultural facilities for in-person learning experiences. 

 “We’re going to make it about more than just cows and plows,” freshman Lauren Kaliff said.

The Ag Club is open to all students, regardless of year, major and previous agricultural experience. 

“I would encourage anyone with the slightest interest in the Ag Club to join,” freshman Olivia Leising said. “As the Agriculture Science program and the Ag Club are new to campus, it’s an amazing opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impact on the university for years to come.”

Ag Club’s faculty advisor is Professor of Agriculture Science Dennis Brink. He believes that there is a place and a career for everyone in agriculture. 

“I believe as we all consider our calling there are many opportunities in agriculture,” Brink said. “There are many ways to serve using talents in science, math and business.”

The Ag Club understands that a career in agriculture is not for everyone. Ultimately, the club wants to provide everyone with a basic understanding of what they see as one of the most essential industries in the world. 

“Agriculture is what makes the world work.” Kaliff said. “If you eat, sleep or breath, agriculture affects you.”

No official meeting time has been set for Ag Club, but students who are interested in learning more can contact faculty adviser Brink.

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