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Home Opinion “Ask Bruiser” Was Jesus Super Swole?

By Editorial Staff


Jesus was a carpenter’s son, so there is no reason why Jesus shouldn’t have developed carpenter’s muscles. Growing up in early Nazareth could not have been easy, as generally the stronger survived. However, Jesus died earlier from crucifixion than expected. Victims of crucifixion can put off death a little longer by straining their muscles to hold themselves up. To hurry up the deaths of those crucified with Jesus, the soldiers broke their legs, but they did not break Jesus’ because he was already dead. This fulfilled a prophecy that none of his bones would be broken, and displays how he was the perfect sacrifice (John 19:31-36).

In conclusion, Jesus did not use his muscles to hold himself up on the cross, but this does not mean that Jesus did not have sufficient strength; more likely, it shows us that Jesus actively chose to die for us and buy us eternal life instead of buying himself a few more minutes or hours of earthly life. Jesus’ heart truly was super swole.

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