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Home News CUNE to Launch New Media Platform in 2019

CUNE Echo is set to release in 2019. Logo courtesy of CUNE Echo Facebook page.

By Thaddaeus Ristow

CUNE Echo, a new student-run social media platform where Concordia students can upload their creative projects, is hoping to inspire creators to share their content with the university community.

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Peter Koprince began the project with his Rhetorical Theory class in the spring of 2018. They were able to get a few things started, but nothing fully-developed came out of the semester. Now, Koprince and more than 20 students have taken off with the project since the beginning of the fall semester in 2018 and have developed a website and two social media handles where creative content can be streamed or uploaded for the community to experience.

Koprince said his vision for the platform is to allow students to share more of their creative content online to build up the community of the school.

“There are students who are doing all these creative activities on campus that may never be recognized,” Koprince said. “By creating this kind of community, not only could we spotlight what’s already being done, but getting that community together will help inspire people to create more content.”

CUNE Echo is also a student-run platform that gives students opportunities to have real-world experiences in Public Relations development, graphic design, and the publication of creative content for their future careers. Echo is currently offered as a practicum course for the communications department but is also open to anyone who would like to join and help further the platform’s success in the future.

Koprince said CUNE Echo will be launching in January of 2019. For anyone who would like to submit content to be published on the platform, you can send your content to their email at or contact them through their website at


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