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Eden Dehne

Sower Staff


Concordia has a number of new faculty members this year. Let’s meet Director of Secondary Education David Rindt.


Q: What is your full official title?

A: My official title is Director of Secondary Education.


Q: Where are you from?

A: I am originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Prior to coming to CUNE, I have been blessed by the opportunity to serve in a variety of different educational settings. I graduated from Concordia University, Wisconsin and was called to Prince of Peace Lutheran School in Fremont, California. I served there for seven years as both a teacher and a junior high principal. In 2014, I was called to Kansas City, where I had the opportunities to serve as an assistant principal at The Lutheran High School of Kansas City, and then as principal at Christ Lutheran School in Overland Park, Kansas.


Q: What brought you to Concordia?

A: I have always been intrigued by a career in higher education. Having been blessed by lifelong access to Lutheran Education, I view Concordia University as an incredible important destination for young adults who seek to do their best work in the Church and in the world. In serving as the Director of Secondary Education, I am excited to be able to support our young students as they prepare to step into an exciting career in education. Concordia’s history and traditions in Christian education are well known, and it is an honor to be a part of the work that continues to this day.


Q: What can students expect from you in class?

A: Students can expect class sessions that are filled with discussion about the real world applications of what they are learning. The intersections between principles and practice take place in real time as a teacher, and I love to ask thought-provoking questions and hypothetical situations to get students to think from the perspective of a teacher during class. I enjoy using mixed methods during class instruction, including video and other media, to increase the variety of instruction that students experience in class.

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