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Eden Dehne

Sower Staff


Concordia has a number of new faculty members this year. Let’s meet visiting Professor of Accounting Hans Trinklein.


Q: What is your full official title?

A: Visiting Professor of Accounting


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was a career missionary – technically, a Theological Educator – in Yongin-si, South Korea. I taught English at Luther University and systematic theology at Luther Seminary for our sister synod, the Lutheran Church in Korea, until 2021 when my wife’s illness caused us to be medevaced back to the States.


Q: What brought you to Concordia?

A: A 2006 Honda Odyssey.

Just kidding!

After my wife’s death in 2022, there were no suitable options for redeployment, and I didn’t feel right about having so many dear Christians supporting me while I was living in the USA, so I sought a teaching position here in the States. By the grace of God, Concordia Nebraska needed help in both the Business Department and the Theology Department; since I had been a Certified Public Accountant and had many years’ experience teaching accounting at the college level, in addition to a fair bit of experience teaching Theology, it seemed like a great fit.


Q: What can students expect from you in class?

A: I love teaching college. Students can expect my very best effort – all my heart and soul – as they learn the truth about God, His wonderful creation, and His plans for each one of them. The Lord has need of laborers in traditional (overseas) and non-traditional (American business) mission fields, and I want our graduates to have both a fire-in-the-belly for Christian witness and an excellent foundation for their vocation(s). With a little humor thrown in, so they don’t take themselves too seriously.

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