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Home News David Hall Hosts Annual Project Pumpkin

Concordia students from David Hall hand out candy as part of Project Pumpkin. Photo by Adam Christiansen.


by Bethany Schilling


Concordia was buzzing with excitement Sunday, October 30th as the community filed through the hallways of David to partake in Project Pumpkin, an annual event that invites community families to trick or treat in the dorm.  

Residents stood outside their doors to greet pirates, superheros, Disney princesses, animals and more with bags and buckets of sweets.

“It was great seeing how excited the kids got about candy,” said freshman Sarah Niemeier, who has never participated in the event before. “It was adorable seeing them all dressed up.”

The kids weren’t the only ones who were in costume. Parents joined in the fun as well, and residents of David put a lot of effort into decorating their halls and pulling together fun outfits.

Senior Ashley Johnson, one of David’s RAs, led her floor in a Pixar-themed decorating endeavor that took the girls ten hours to complete. They covered their walls with memorabilia from movies including “Up,” “The Incredibles,” “Finding Nemo,” “Toy Story,” “Cars,” “Monsters Inc.” and “Inside Out.”

“Those movies were a big part of our childhood,” Johnson said. “It was really cool to share that with the next generation.”

Although their decorations took a lot of time and work, Johnson believes it was all worth it to see the kids smile.

Other floors put together unique themes as well. The children and their families had a blast walking through the inside of a pumpkin, Candyland, and even a farm town- complete with cornstalks and sheep.

Project Pumpkin had a large turnout, and several parents made a point to stop and thank the girls for hosting it. Residents are already talking about ideas for next year as Concordia continues the tradition of this family friendly finish to Halloween weekend.

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