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by Wyatt Kube


The Bulldogs hosted number three Midland in a 3-0 loss.  All three sets were close with the Bulldogs losing 25-17 in the first, 25-18 in the second and 25-22 in the third.

The third set was a fight to the finish as it went back and forth the whole set.  Senior Tara Callahan helped the Bulldogs have a fighting chance as she raked up 26 assists to help the Bulldogs stay in the game.

Head coach Ben Boldt said he thought his team grew as the game went on and was happy about how they fought.

“I thought we grew through the night.  Midland got a lot of good digs that for us a lot of those digs would be kills for us.  It was a hard-fought match.  We continued to look at each other and believe throughout the match so I was happy with that.  We just have to be able to put it away when we have our opportunity.”

When asked about his team’s blocking struggles, Boldt said that it is something that they will continue to work on.

“We work on that every day.  I mean when we have strong hands it’s good touches for us. We have to be able to be balanced when we are jumping and blocking and we’ll continue to work on that.  We’re just going to stay true with our core values, we are going to stay unbreakable, we’re going to give to each other as we go, and the better we do that the better we’ll be off towards the end of the season.”

The Bulldogs are now 4-4 (1-2 in GPAC) and will go on the road and face Columbia College on Sep. 10 at 7 p.m. at Baldwin City, Kansas.

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