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Great wins in football, volleyball, and soccer.
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This week on the Kubske we got close wins and heartbreaking losses.
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Big wins and disappointing losses last week in Concordia sports.
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by Erik Cumley Concordia’s volleyball team lost 2-3 to No. 3 Midland University...
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This week is all about the close games and top 25 updates.
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This week the Kubske talks about some great games that happened over the...
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The Kubske is back with the start of the 2021-2022 fall season!
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by Wyatt Kube   The Bulldogs hosted number three Midland in a 3-0 loss. ...
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Photo Courtesy of Olivia Dunklau By Olivia Dunklau   The  Bulldogs volleyball team took down...
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By Haleigh Fitzsimmons Photo Courtesy of Haleigh Fitzsimmons   The Bulldog volleyball team swept the...
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By Haleigh Fitzsimmons Photo Courtesy of Kenny Paetow The Northwestern Raiders women’s junior varsity and varsity...
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Students get on their feet during set point, watching the Bulldogs take a commanding...