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Coach Daniel Ball pictured with the men’s and women’s goalkeepers that he has spent the last two years training. Photo by Taylor Roby

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization that has led athletes across the country into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ since the 1940s. Just last year, Concordia started an FCA program on campus.

 The organization’s mission is to transform lives by bringing the love of Jesus Christ to coaches and athletes through fellowship. On Concordia’s campus, the FCA organization serves anywhere from 10-20 students every Sunday at 7:00 pm in the TLEC auditorium.

 ” FCA gives student-athletes the opportunity to be in fellowship with each other and to take some time during the start of the week to relax and talk about our Savior and how we can live out our Christian life on and off the playing field,” Sophomore basketball player Tanner Shuck said. “Being connected with the FCA organization also lends itself to a lot of opportunities and other events around Nebraska that anyone can take part in and the joy that comes from getting to know Jesus better in fellowship with others.”

In the weekly meetings, Concordia students benefit from discussions and speakers that cover a variety of topics. They talk about the common pressures of athletes and how to maintain a strong faith through the college years. 

“Managing classes, homework and sports is challenging at a college level. Stress builds easily for these athletes, so managing stress is another challenge,” FCA student leader Miranda said. “Keeping Christ at the center of their minds while competing is something we strive to help athletes learn how to do.” 

Sophomore hurdler Miranda Unverferth was brought to Christ through FCA at Raymond Central High School. Unverferth has remained a part of FCA since eighth grade and credits this organization for keeping her close to Christ over the years. 

“FCA benefits Christian athletes in several ways. It is a way for athletes to build a community with other Christian athletes outside of their sport,” Miranda said. “It helps athletes remember to keep Christ at the center while they practice and compete as well as in their daily life.” 

The FCA values include integrity, serving, teamwork, and excellence. The goal of FCA is to engage, equip and empower both coaches and athletes to know and grow in Christ. The FCA is not only here for student-athletes, but anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with Christ. 

“For me, FCA has helped me to think about how I can glorify God in the way that I play basketball and how I can use basketball to create relationships and share Christ’s love and salvation with others,” Shuck said. “Spending time with other athletes who want to do the same makes me think in different ways and has strengthened my faith.”

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