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Students cast their ballots for the 2018-19 Student Senate officers. Photo by Robin Consier

On April 4 and 5 the student body voted to confirm who would lead Student Senate in the 2018-2019 school year. On Friday April 6, the new officers were confirmed and announced. Vanessa Marsh will become the new Student Senate president, while Sam Moore will return for a  second year as vice president. Abby Protzman and Tori Berran will hold the positions of secretary and treasurer, respectively.

“I look forward to making Student Senate more visibly active in the Concordia community. Although senate has accomplished many impressive things over the past months and years, not much of the impact is appropriately recognized by Concordians,” said Junior Vanessa Marsh, who will take on the role of president. The president is mostly involved in direct contact with the administration of Concordia, providing a voice for the student body.

Sophomore Samuel Moore, who will reprise his position as vice president, finds it exciting to provide the student body with a voice to the administration. “I love being the voice of the students,” he said in an interview before the elections.

Over the last year, he has orchestrated several panels and discussions between the university and the students, and he hopes to hit the ground running into next year. Some of his goals include increasing student representation, assessing recycling on campus, and continuing to work on increased communication between the university and the student body.

“The role and responsibilities align quite nicely with my strengths,” said Junior Abby Protzman, whose involvement in Student Senate this past role encouraged her to take on the position of secretary, recording meetings and keeping the overall process of Student Senate organized and transparent. 

Tori Berran, who won the race for treasurer, similarly said that her experience observing the current leadership pushed her to pursue a leadership position on the campus. Her responsibilities will primarily be related to the budget given to various clubs.

“We look forward to helping the individuals that become the officers next year to do great things!” said current President and graduating senior Dakota Judds. He and the other officers will be working with the incoming officers to make the transition go smoothly.

The new officers will begin their work officially this fall.

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