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Home News Guatemala Team Raises Money for Trip

The mission team to Guatemala raised funds in preparation for their trip this year in several ways, including the new addition of the Sale-A-Palooza.

Seven students, along with Julie Johnston-Hermann and Dr. John Mehl, are going on this year’s trip to serve a village in Guatemala. Students Zach Barz, Emma Wendorff, Madison Pitsch, Carrie Black, Hope Hoyer, Michaela Twito and Katie Wrege are all part of the mission group, which has been meeting and planning since last semester.

In a new attempt to raise funds for the trip, the team decided to host a “Sale-A-Palooza”. Held in the Cattle Conference Room, the mission team sold spots to various vendors, who then came to sell their own wares – everything from to baked goods to handmade crafts to unwanted items. The mission team made their money from the spots sold, and the vendors kept the profits from their sales. Even though this was the first year of hosting this Sale-A-Palooza, the room was packed with 40 venders and dozens of curious buyers.

In addition to the Sale-A-Palooza, the mission team also sold t-shirts. “For Your Glory” is emblazoned on them over an image of a world map and were available in three colors. The “For Your Glory” theme was based on Psalm 115:1; “Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”

While both of these fundraisers are helpful for the team, Johnston-Hermann said that the most helpful fundraiser was in the form of support letters that the team sent out.

“Everybody sent out letters to grandmas and uncles and aunts and different people they knew, and that has been a really good source,” said Johnston-Hermann.

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