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Home News IMPROVables Revive Outdoor Show Tradition

Members of the Improvables perform at the Seward Bandshell on October 15. Photos by Julia Witt

By Julia Witt


The Concordia IMPROVables hosted an outdoor improv show at the Seward bandshell Tuesday, Oct. 15 for the first time in five years. Students and community members watched and participated.

The show consisted of a series of improv games played by troupe members and audience volunteers. Games included “Mannequins,” “Hand of Midas” and “Deaf Replay.” Actors have to work with challenges while also using audience suggestions to act out the completely unscripted scenes. 

The show was part of “Improvtober” which is a series of improv shows in the month of October. There will be another show Oct. 22 in the Olde Glory Theatre. Tickets are $3 for Concordia students and $5 for community members. 

“In college, everyone is just looking for a way to laugh,” junior Avery Kesar said. “This a good vessel for people to come and relax and take a step back from life and just kinda forget about everything.”

The IMPROVables host open meetings 9-11 p.m. every Monday and Thursday night for anyone who is looking to do some improv.


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