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Home News Security and Police Investigate Campus Car Thefts, Tire Slashings

By Whitney Borchardt


Concordia Campus Security and the Seward Police Department are investigating multiple thefts from vehicles and tire slashings on campus. No suspects have been identified.

There is security camera footage showing multiple suspects stealing objects from vehicles. Security and Seward Police are working on identifying these individuals. There is no evidence as to whether these people are associated with Concordia or with slashing the tires.

These thefts occurred with vehicles that were left unlocked. The Security Department is encouraging students and faculty to keep their vehicles locked at all times with no valuables inside. They are also encouraging everyone to check their tires before getting into their vehicle.

The Security Department believe that there are more incidents that have not yet been reported. If you believe you are a victim of these thefts, have any information regarding these crimes or see something suspicious, contact the Security Department and the Seward Police Department. 

Concordia Security Department: 402-643-3033

Seward Police Department: 402-643-2579

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