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Home Opinion Just Pitschin’ Ideas: What to do in Nebraksa

by Madison Pitsch 



“I left my family and moved to Nebraska. What is there to do here anyways?”


I am so glad you asked! While Nebraska certainly does not carry the shimmer of a big city university or a university on  the beach, there are some hidden treasures here in the Good Life. Hopefully I can shine some light on the goodness that is small-town Nebraska with this short list of things you must do while you are here.

  1. You must go to Orscheln Farm and Home and pet the baby chickens/ducks/other fowl. It is an automatic stress reliever and authentic Midwestern experience. Do it. Just coordinate with other people so the whole school doesn’t go at once. That might stress out the baby chickens/ducks/other fowl.
  2. Go bowling at SpareTime Lounge. Ladies bowl free on Friday nights after 9 p.m. Guys, this is a great place to take the ladies out on (cheap) dates!
  3. Go to a Husker football game. I don’t need to explain this. Just do it. You will not be accepted into the inner sanctum of Nebraskans if you haven’t gone to at least one game.
  4. If cafeteria food has you down, head over to SpareTime for Taco Tuesday. People, I’m talking tacos for less than a dollar.   Or you could go to La Carreta for Mexican food every other day of the week.
  5. Go to all of the Bulldog events! Go to SAC events! Join extracurricular clubs! Go to speakers on campus! Join an intramural team! Join Fidelity or Fight Club!

The best part about Concordia is the community. Meet new people and have great experiences. Go out and live it up. It might not be super glamorous, but they are experiences and that is what college is all about. You might even find yourself having fun.


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