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Home Features Just Pitschin’ Ideas: Post-Holiday Food Coma

by Madison Pitsch


Madison! Help! I’m in a food coma from the holidays and my clothes don’t fit anymore. What should I do?

I get it. Contrary to popular belief, the freshman fifteen does not come from cafeteria food. It comes from your mom’s care packages and holiday feasts at home. Luckily for you, I’ve done the research so your pants should be back to fitting in no time.

The good news is that many everyday activities can help you lose that holiday fluff. According to, a beloved college activity, napping, burns on average .42 calories per pound for every hour of sleep. Time for a 16 hour nap, folks. Sitting in class for an hour typically burns about 75 calories per hour (with some slight variation due to gender), also according to For all of those who must trek from class, a one minute walk burns three calories, and a 15 minute walk burns 40 according to If a bike is your preferred method of transportation, a five minute bike ride will torch 52 calories according to

Many household (dormhold?) activities will help burn calories. 15 minutes of each of the following activities is a surefire way to burn off your holiday muffin top. Sweeping will burn 39 calories, and mopping and vacuuming will burn 43 calories. Light cleaning torches 26 calories. And the greatest news of 2016: Sitting and playing with animals will burn 26 calories in a jiff (all according to

If true exercise is more your style, but you just can’t find the time, rest assured, a good calorie-burning session only takes five minutes!  Five minutes of the following activities will burn the calories right off: A quick dance party burns 29. Pilates burns 25, light yoga 20. Jumping rope for a quick five minutes burns 49, and a rowing machine burns 34. A step machine torches 34, and weight lifting burns 30. Singles tennis will burn 30 calories in five minutes.

Have no fear, my dear Concordians! With all these day to day activities and quick and simple exercises, you can easily burn off all of your holiday weight just in time to gain it back for .

Disclaimer: You should not substitute these things for a healthy, balanced diet and a good workout regime. Remember, I am not the professional, I just pretend to be one. If you need help, ask a doctor.




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