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Home Opinion Just Pitschin’ Ideas: Valentine’s Day Date Nights

by Madison Pitsch


Dear Madison,

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I have no idea what to do! Where can I go on a date? Where can I find a date? Please help!

I don’t know if I can help you find a date, but I can assure you have a much better chance if you talk to somebody, instead of just looking at them from across Janzow.

You live in Nebraska, The Good Life,” remember? You have so many options for the best Valentine’s Day ever.

If your date is absolutely stellar,  Hyde Observatory is having a program on Feb. 11 for those who want to learn more about astronomy and look at the universe through three telescopes (which, according to all of the rom-com movies and books I’ve read, will win you the girl every time). Best of all, Hyde Observatory is offering this experience for FREE! Find more information here.

If you have the itch to try on some neon color, Life in Color is coming to Lincoln on Feb. 11. The event will take place at Pinnacle Bank Arena, and the tickets are only $33.

If you enjoy watching couples hold hands and lots of people falling, head to The Railyard Ice Rink in Lincoln’s Haymarket for the classic winter date of ice skating. Skates only cost $9; hospital bills may cost more depending on the injuries.

If a quiet dinner out is more your style, Seward area restaurants have got you covered. Lou & Mary Anne’s Bar in Bee, Nebraska, is a fun experience for anyone new to the area. They are “famous” for their fish on Fridays and prime rib on Saturdays. Cafe on the Square and La Carreta are also Seward favorites for taking your date out on Valentine’s Day.

If you are a movie person, check out South Pointe Movie Theatre in Lincoln. They have reclining movie theater seats and are playing all of the current movies. They also have a dining service place. Could this place appeal to college students more?


Best wishes on your quests for love!


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