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Home Arts & Culture “Nobody Like Jimmy” is Laugh-Out-Loud Fun

Photo credit to Gwen Gaunt

Gwen Gaunt
Sower Staff


Olde Glory Theatre entertained audiences last week with a lively, laugh-out-loud production of Burton Bumgarner’s “Nobody Like Jimmy,” featuring 11 cast members from Concordia’s theater program.

A playful, lightly macabre story, “Nobody Like Jimmy” relates the struggles of married couple Ralph and Eloise, as Ralph and his college pal Harold attempt to conceal a man they dub “Jimmy” at Eloise’s political cocktail party. The only drawback is that “Jimmy” isn’t quite alive.

This production was staged in a simple, neatly furnished sitting room. The actors made excellent use of the single setting, naturally filling the space as the colorful cast of characters uncovered secrets, bantered heartily, and discovered that there really is “Nobody Like Jimmy.”

Director Hannah Watt said that the goal of the play was “just to have a fun afternoon or evening with family and friends,” a reflection of the production’s comedic and engaging energy. She also praised the actors, stating that she was “so proud of them,” and that she would “like to thank the cast.” This is the first show Watt has directed post-graduation.

Freshman Sara Erickson, who played the speechwriter Nicole, described the production experience as “very fast-paced.” She highlighted the casting, saying she felt like “everyone had the perfect role.”

“We can all build off of each other, and the energy keeps building throughout the play,” Erickson said.

“Nobody Like Jimmy” played to four happy audiences. Next up for the CUNE theater program is the spring play, a production of “Twelve Angry Jurors,” a take on “Twelve Angry Men” written for both male and female players. This is scheduled to open for April 14 -16 of this year.

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