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Home Sports Softball Team Starts Season Strong

By Morgan Consier


Concordia’s softball team has been learning how to work with a new coach and to grow together as a team as they enter their first season with new Head Softball Coach Shawn Semler.

The team stood 16-4 for the season following their game on April 6 with a record of 5-1 in the conference, just one game behind first-place Midland College.

Semler said that one of the first things he focused on when he started as head coach last fall was building community and working together towards a common goal, an attitude he described as “play(ing) for the person next to you more than the person you are.”

While Semler and many of his athletes are new to Concordia, they are working hard to lay a foundation for great things. He said that the team’s hard work over the fall and winter seasons have paid off for how this season is going.

“We have a young team, and the growing pains we’re going through will be interesting,” Semler said. “What we do from here on out will be great for the future because we’re going to learn a lot about ourselves and we’ve got a great group coming back.”

The team is setting their sights on possibly hosting a conference tournament as they move forward in the season and hopes to advance to the national tournament.


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