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The Bells, Spring Weekend 2019’s women’s champion, poses at the end of their lip sync. Photo by Sonja Brandt.

by April Bayer and Paige Uzzell


Four teams gave it their all in the 2019 Spring Weekend competition, celebrating the event’s 50th anniversary with the theme “You Stay Classy, Concordia.”

Members of the Student Activities Council led the teams through a series of events during the weekend of April 12-13, many of which were inspired by past Spring Weekends.

The weekend began with the official Spring Weekend opening, in which the teams introduced their group stories through videos and skits.

The two women’s teams included Bells, a team consisting of a bride and her bridesmaids who were inspired by the Ring by Spring tradition, and Classy Club, a group of students trying to create a new club on campus that would teach students how to be classy.

The two men’s teams included Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure, a group of students who used a Porta-John to travel back in time to write a paper about Concordia’s classiness, and the infamous Team Team, a group of students who approaches each year’s events in surprising and often ridiculous ways. Team Team’s opening consisted of two students reading books and shooting Nerf guns at the audience while the rest of the team destroyed two pianos outside the Janzow Campus Center.

The second event was a campus-wide scavenger hunt, and teams competed in a race to see who could find all the assigned items the fastest. Team Team did not participate and ate at a restaurant instead.

All teams sent representatives to the Spring Dance on Friday evening, where each team performed karaoke. Others danced and played video games.

Saturday’s events began with Capture the Flag. Competition between the female teams resulted in a tie, while Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure had to compete against various SAC members, as Team Team did not show up.

The next event was a tug of war, which resulted in a victory for the Bells on the women’s side and a win for Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure against more SAC members on the men’s side, as Team Team once again failed to show up.

The Bells and Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure also earned top scores in the cow chip toss and the water relay, in which teams tried to avoid getting hit with water by their opponents as they looped a running hose through their clothes.

Other Saturday events included the Sync Swim, where teams performed synchronized dance routines in kiddie pools, and an obstacle course that stretched through the Thom Leadership Education Center. The course included running up the eight flights of stairs commonly known as TLEC mountain, singing songs, and helping blindfolded teammates through a hallway of balls and pool noodles.

The final events of the evening included the Lip Sync and closing videos. During the Lip Sync, the Bells performed a routine that included a wedding song and several pop songs about love. The Classy Club danced to a variety of pop songs and concluded their routine by swaying in front of a bulldog and putting on bow ties as they were welcomed to the Classy Club.

Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure continued their time travel theme with the Porta-John and danced to songs from several decades, including Footloose. Team Team began by running through the audience and acting like monkeys and then covered themselves in peanut butter, jelly and bread while hugging each other, creating a human peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In the closing skits and videos, the Bells came to the realization the entire wedding had been a dream, while the Classy Club found an official advisor for their organization, Associate Professor of Theology Charles Blanco.

Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure attempted to change the past by moving Concordia to Lincoln, but Blanco, who was also involved in their video, intervened and gave a speech about how Jesus is the true message of the university. Team Team closed the competition by showing a video of the group eating during the scavenger hunt.

Winners for Spring Weekend 2019 included the Bells on the women’s side and Tim and Bob’s Awesome Adventure on the men’s side.

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