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Home News Student-led Gospel Mime Back with New Songs and New Students

by Tationa Trice


Concordia students performed the third annual student-led Gospel Mime, which was portrayed differently from previous years’ performances with new songs, a new cast, a new student director and a new way of showing the Gospel.

“It’s a good way to spread the Gospel without being (in) a traditional church setting,” said junior Josh Jones, manager of the production. “We figured God works through art, and it’s a form of art to do drama.”

Every year, the Gospel Mime is directed by a different student, and this year Jones was the director.

“I don’t do drama, but I wrote a script, and I can organize people pretty well so I might as well take those talents and work on it,” Jones said.

Junior Cameron Christiansen, sophomore Tyler Raabe, junior Caleb Wehling and other students performed the Gospel Mime on March 20 and 22 in Weller auditorium.

“It’s a really cool service opportunity to show people the Gospel,” Christiansen said. “It’s kind of an interesting way that brings out freshness sometimes because people hear the gospel over and over again, especially during Lent and Holy Week. This is kind of a way to tug at your heartstrings a little bit.”

“We’re offering a unique interpretation of the gospel with some great songs and a very interesting story,” Raabe said. “I think the audience is really gonna love it.”

The Gospel Mime helped fundraise for different organizations. This year’s organization was I’ve Got a Name, which raises awareness about child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Admission to the show was free, but the group accepted donations for I’ve Got a Name.




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