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Buildings and Grounds has put up this posting on the front door of its building to make sure traffic is redirected to Janzow.

by Miriam Wolf


Buildings and Grounds is no longer receiving packages from all major postal carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service, as Concordia University implemented a change in early June to have all packages delivered directly to the Janzow Campus Center.     

“Instead of Buildings and Grounds being the middleman, they (the packages) can come directly to us.” Said Trisha Hansen, the head of the mailroom.

To accommodate this change, the mailroom has been given extra space to store deliveries in another room on the bottom level of Janzow.

“I think that the change will be good because it will make sure we get our packages when we get the notifications that they have arrived,” said Junior Leigha Meyer. “But I am worried that Janzow will become a lot more congested.”

Hansen has already hired one more employee to help out and is considering hiring a second in anticipation of the higher volume of mail.

“Hopefully as we continue down the road, we can create one or maybe even two more jobs,” said Hansen.

In addition to creating more jobs on campus, the change is also credited with increasing efficiency as students will no longer have to visit Buildings and Grounds for more urgent package deliveries.

“I’m happy to see changes made to make things better for all of us,” said Senior Brody Schofield. “I’ve already noticed packages coming in earlier.”

If students have any questions concerning mail and package deliveries, they are encouraged to visit the mailroom in the lower level of Janzow.

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