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Home News Student Senate Begins Meeting Online

Sophomore Luke Blomenberg addresses the Student Senate.  By The Sower Staff.

By Kaytlyn Kindschy 

Student Senate began meeting virtually on Tuesday, April 14 to try to adjust to the new global situation brought on by COVID-19.

Despite the negative effects of the pandemic to our school year, Student Senate still has a lot of decisions to make and projects to work on. The officers have been working with Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletic Gene Brooks and Director of Student Development Rebekah Freed to continue to work on student-related activities and concerns.

The topics discussed on Tuesday included Student Senate officer elections and the development of new committees to help with the adjustment to working virtually. 

“Student Senate has been in the process of discussing upcoming Committees for the end of the semester: the Constitution, Election, and Budget Committees,” senior and Senate Secretary, Rebekah Hinrichs said. 

The Constitution Committee is intended to revise and correct the constitution of Student Senate. The Election Committee is responsible for monitoring the online polling and voting for Student Senate Officers with the first round of voting beginning on April 22. Lastly, the Budget Committee will go through the budgets submitted by clubs and help to allocate the requested funds. Any Student Senate representative can volunteer to work in these committees and give three to four hours of time to help get these tasks done.

Senior and Student Senate President, Jallah Bolay shared information for future projects for next year, including the purchase and installment of a new speaker system on the Janzow deck.

Student Senate also wanted to reach out to students and recieve any thoughts and feedback anyone has about the transition and their experience with online learning. Students can send their feedback to any of the Senate officers by emailing

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