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Home News Students Prepare to Compete in Spring Weekend #CUThrowback

by Morgan German


This year’s theme for the annual Spring Weekend, hosted by the Student Activity Council from April 22-24, is #CUThrowback. Teams of students come up with story arcs based on the theme that continue from competition to competition as the teams compete against each other.

Teams can be creative in how they interpret this theme because it is so broad.

“This throwback could be anything, like throwing a soda back into a garbage can, or it could be throwing back to the good old days,” said Izaak Wendorff, co-chair of SAC.

Along with the theme #CUThrowback comes themed names for the lip syncs such as #FlashbackFriday and #NSYNC. The lip syncs include anything that is prerecorded, including dialogue between team members, and the teams cannot make any sounds while performing the lip syncs.

“The lip syncs are connected to each other; they all make a continuous flow of information,” Wendorff said.

Students have been working to get their teams ready for the competitions.

“My team and I have prepared for spring weekend by living life to the full and being awesome, gaining as many life experiences as possible to equip us with the creativity necessary to be a viable spring weekend contender,” sophomore Scott Johnson, one of the team captains, said in an email interview.

Competing team captain junior Alicia Royuk is also confident in her team’s abilities.

Each of our team members have been preparing for Spring Weekend for his or her entire lifetimes,” Royuk said in an email interview. “Each member of our team has an assigned role based upon their specific skill sets to ensure optimal performance in each competition.”

While lip syncs are the main event of the weekend, there are also other events, including a food eating competition, an art project, tug-of-war, a Seward-wide scavenger hunt and an obstacle course, as well as others.

“I think it’s cool that we are doing a tug-of-war this year, because that’s kind of a throwback to past Spring Weekends, when that was one of the events that always happened,” Wendorff said.

Another event will require teams to dress from a certain decade using a box of clothes provided for them. The team will then walk down the plaza and show off their decade’s look.

SAC selects each year’s Spring Weekend theme with certain criteria in mind.

“We take into consideration how broad it can be for teams for them to be able to be creative, but also specific enough that teams can come up with good ideas based on the theme,” Wendorff said.

Some of the past Spring Weekend themes have been “CU on a Roadtrip,” “I Do at CU” and “Concordia Broadcasting.”

All events are open for everyone to watch, regardless of whether or not they are participating in the Spring Weekend competitions.

A full schedule of events and times will be posted around campus.



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