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Home Arts & Culture Students to Perform ‘Broadway Revue’

By Macey Kroeger

Concordia’s theater department is bringing another live production to the Blackbox Studio Theater. The production, called “Broadway Revue,” was created by two student directors and will feature singing and dancing.

The production’s main character is a conductor of her own musical and leads cast members to do different musical numbers throughout the show. “Broadway Revue” is a production within another production.

Senior director Jayme Lowe said that she enjoys seeing how the cast improves from practice to practice. She said she is working hard in rehearsals to get the performance ready by show time.

“The growth process is my favorite part. I love seeing where we started and now how much they have progressed and how good I know they’re going to be by the time the show rolls around,” Lowe said.

Junior director and choreographer Linnea Buchholz is also helping the cast to improve their dancing skills before the curtain opens.

“I’m nervous about everything coming together, but I’m looking forward to them just having fun with it,” Buchholz said.

The production was written primarily by the directors, but they let their cast members play a hand in some of the ideas that were written into the script.

“The whole cast collaborated to help Jayme and Linnea write the script. It should end up being a really good performance,” sophomore Amos Utecht, one of the cast members, said.

Lowe and Buchholz had to work around other activities their cast members participate in so they could all rehearse as a group.

“Scheduling has been an adventure with so many different schedules to accommodate for,” Lowe said.

Buchholz said that she is learning a whole new perspective from co-directing the ‘Broadway Revue.’

“It has been a lot of fun on the directing side of things rather than the acting side and watching the cast grow together,” Buchholz said. “I just hope the audience leaves with a smile on their face.”

The ‘Broadway Revue’ will be performed on Oct. 19 and 20 at 7 p.m., is open to the general public, and will be free of admission.

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