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This week was a hard loss for the men's basketball team, but the...
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This week on the Kubske I talk about men's basketball coming together as...
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Great week for Men' s basketball and Track and Field. Women's basketball remain...
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Kubske is back for 2022. I talk about Men's and Women's basketball, Indoor...
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Erik Cumley Concordia’s wrestling team defeated Midland University 32-18 on Thursday by winning...
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The Kubske is back from Thanksgiving break to give you the latest on...
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Erik Cumley Concordia University wrestling won one of two duals at The Arena...
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Erik Cumley Returning All-American and senior Mario Ybarra made his season debut at...
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Football finishes the season, Volleyball enters playoffs, and basketball is underway.
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This week on the Kubske we have playoff season and the start of...
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Start of the Winter Season with Basketball and Wrestling!
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By Erik Cumley   Concordia University’s Wrestling program ended on a high note qualifying...