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Home Sports Wrestling Provides Community and Competition

by Stephanie Coley


Concordia’s wrestling team started the season with three wins in three duals and three opens. This year’s team brought back four seniors and 12 juniors and added 15 freshmen.

Wrestling presents team members the challenge of both intense physical exertion and mental fortitude.

“Wrestling is one of the more difficult sports because it is hard on the body and it is a long season,” junior Tommy Bailey said. “So, we all understand that and support each other through it.”

Though it is an individual sport, teamwork is still a major part of wrestling.

“Wrestling is a different discipline because it requires a lot of responsibility,” junior Ceron Francisco said. “What you do in seven minutes while you are out there on that mat determines the whole match. You are battling for your team.”

Concordia’s wrestling team prides itself on its togetherness.

“We are more like a family. You know we have cousins, brothers and parents,” Francisco said. “It is just like that on the wrestling team. We are all related but all different.”

The wrestling team members also appreciate the team’s diversity.

“Our team is very diverse, which is different from other teams,” Bailey said. “We spend a lot of time together, so we are close to each other.”

While wrestling brings students together as a team, Concordia’s wrestling program also gives them a chance to grow in their faith.

“Wrestling has made me mentally tougher and stronger in my faith,” Francisco said. “Every time I go to wrestle, it is like I am David and my opponent is Goliath. I also pray the same prayer, which is for God to give me strength.”

The wrestling team’s next open is Jan. 2 in Fremont.

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