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Saturday 10:50 am: Former Vice President Joe Biden has passed the mark of 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, making him the soon-to-be 46th president of the United States.

The called came after Biden was projected by the Associated Press to win the state of Pennsylvania. President Donald Trump was leading the state after election night, but the latest numbers show Biden winning by more than 30,000 votes.

Trump’s campaign team has yet to release any statement or formally accept the outcome of the current election results.

Stay tuned as the Sower continues to provide coverage of the election.


1:53 pm: The Associated Press has just called Wisconsin in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, giving the democratic candidate ten electoral votes.

President Trump’s campaign has requested that the state initiate a recount of the votes.

Recounts in Wisconsin have historically resulted in a change of a few hundred votes.


12:20 pm: No calls have been reported in the past 10 hours as America waits for the final votes to be tallied in the remaining states.

The Associated Press’ latest numbers show Biden with leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Trump continues to hold leads in Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Every race has to been labeled either too early or too close to call.

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2:04 am: Arizona has been called in favor of Joe Biden, awarding him another eleven electoral votes.

The call was made by the Associated Press minutes after President Donald Trump spoke to the press concerning the ongoing election. The Sower has not made a call on the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Biden currently leads 236-213 with only eight states remaining, carrying the last 78 electoral votes of the election.


1:21 am: President Trump is now speaking to the press, as well as the American people, as the election enters its second day.

States that remain at large include Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Alaska.

Former Vice President Joe Biden currently leads the electoral college 225-213. The winning candidate will need at minimum 270 votes to win the election.

Trump’s speech can be viewed on CNN, Fox News, CBS News, as well as other streaming services.


12:35 am: President Trump won four of Nebraska’s five electoral votes in a call early Wednesday morning by the Associated Press.

Trump won the overall state’s vote, which counted for two of the votes. Trump also won the third congressional district, giving him another vote, and the same in the first congressional district later on.

Biden managed to flip one of the votes of Nebraska in his favor by winning the second congressional district, which includes Omaha.


Wednesday, 12:22 am: Texas was officially called in favor of President Trump according to the Associated Press, while at least one electoral vote will be won by former Vice President Biden in Maine.

Biden’s victory occurred in Maine’s 1st congressional district, with three more votes still for the taking throughout the state.

Trump’s win earned him 38 electoral votes, votes that did not come so easily after an early surge of early ballots in favor of Biden.

The vote tallies currently favor Biden, at 224-212.


11:54 pm: President Trump comes away with Florida for the second straight year, winning in what was projected to be a crucial state in this year’s election.

Ohio was also called in favor of Trump, which was also determined to be a major battleground state. Trump also beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for Ohio in 2016.

With the victory comes 29 more electoral votes, cutting into former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead, which currently stands at 223-174.


11:28 pm: President Trump gained more ground by winning the states of Montana and Iowa.

The wins called by the Associated Press helped Trump obtain six more electoral votes in Iowa and three more in Montana.

Trump had to rally in Iowa after the democrats held an early lead at the closing of the state polls, but managed to win the state for the second consecutive time.


11:18 pm: Biden wins oversees in the state of Hawaii, earning another four electoral votes.

This was not a surprising victory for Biden’s team, as democrats have won the favor of the Hawaiian Islands for the past two decades.


10:09 pm: President Trump wins in Utah in the latest call from the Associated Press, putting his electoral votes at 118 to Biden’s 209.


10:02 pm: Biden wins in California, Oregon, and Washington. President Trump wins in Idaho.

The west coast states were expected to vote for the democratic candidate, as shown in the call made by the Associated Press.


9:56 pm: Biden wins in New Hampshire.

He receives four electoral votes as a result of the call made by the Associated Press.


9:37 pm: President Trump wins in Missouri.


9:02 pm: President Trump wins in Kansas.


8:38 pm: Biden wins in Colorado.


8:30 pm: Biden wins in the District of Columbia.


8:07 pm: President Trump wins North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Louisiana. Joe Biden wins New York and New Mexico.

Total votes in the latest call by the Associated Press are undetermined at this time. This is due to Nebraska’s ability to distribute three of its five votes via vote results inside the state’s congressional districts.


7:54 pm: President Trump wins in Indiana.

Trump receives all eleven electoral votes in the latest called victory by the Associated Press.


7:34 pm: President Trump wins in Arkansas.


7:03 pm: Biden wins Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. President Trump wins in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Mississippi.

All eleven states were called simultaneously by the Associated Press.

Trump adds 33 electoral votes to his total, while Biden tallies 69 electoral votes.

None of the results in this newest bunch of states were unexpected victories by either candidate.


7:01 pm: President Trump has been called by the Associated Press to win in Mississippi and Alabama.


6:58 pm: President Trump wins in South Carolina, earning him nine more electoral votes.


6:40 pm: Virginia is called in favor of Joe Biden in the latest update to the polls of the Associated Press.


6:36 pm: The Associated Press has called that President Trump will win in West Virginia.


6:05 pm: President Trump wins in Kentucky while former vice president Joe Biden wins in Vermont.

Both calls were made by the Associated Press, the first calls made of the night.


The first polls have closed in the final hours of the 2020 presidential race, which will determine whether former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump will call the White House home for the next four years.

This year’s vote will also determine who sits inside the 218 seats of the House of Representatives. 35 empty seats in the Senate will also be filled. Republican Senator Ben Sasse is looking to defend his seat in the state of Nebraska.

Several precautions have been taken around the country to ensure the safety of the voters and the candidates. Common themes presented at polling places include mask mandates, hand sanitizing, and social distancing amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Over 102 million votes have already been cast via early ballots, a total that already amounts for 73% of the 2016 presidential election. These statistics led experts to predict that the final tally will pass 2016’s final tally of 139 million votes. 

Not all results are expected to be determined tonight, with states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan looking to count votes until Friday, Nov 8. 

Stay tuned to The Sower for continuous coverage of the presidential election, as well as elections within Nebraska.

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