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Home News Advocates Form ‘Life Chain’ to Protest Abortion

Two Seward residents hold signs along Highway 15 during the Life Chain pro-life event on Seward’s courthouse lawn. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

by Hayden Rensner


On Sunday afternoon, Seward area residents gathered at the Seward County Courthouse to participate in Seward’s annual Life Chain as a way to peacefully protest abortion and advocate for life.

The Life Chain was along highways 15 and 34, outside of the courthouse. The Seward County Pro-Life Council handed out signs to participants.

Seward County Pro-Life Council president Eddy Sander says that Life Chain Sunday has been an annual occurrence for about the last 20 years. Sander himself is an avid participant.

“It lets people know that there are people here in Seward that stand for life and think that life is an important thing,” Sander said.

Nebraska Sen. Mark Kolterman was also present and has participated for many years.

“It shows people in the world that there are those that care about protecting the right of the unborn,” Kolterman said.

Ninth-grader Abby Meyer from Lincoln Lutheran High School also participated in Sunday’s Life Chain and has for the past four years.

“It gets some people talking about the subject and thinking about what it is,” Meyer said.

Participants braved the rain and cold and held up signs advocating for life and the unborn for an hour. The demonstration was short and peaceful, but participants hope that it will ultimately make people stop and think and re-assess the nation’s valuation of life.

Above: Residents hold pro-life signs to cars passing by on Highway 15. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

Above: Two Seward residents present signs to people passing by the Seward County Courthouse. Ready-made signs were available for volunteers who wanted to join the Life Chain event on Sunday. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

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