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Home Arts & Culture Art Students Share Art with Elementary Students on Saturday Mornings

Elementary students participate in the art session on Nov. 12. Photo by Kim Sleeper.


by Karl Jones


Students enrolled in Methods of Art Education at Concordia host art sessions each semester for kids from preschool through sixth grade on select Saturday mornings in the Brommer Art Center.

The sessions are taught by Concordia students majoring in elementary education. While putting together the plans, students choose what materials they would like to use and how to bring together everything they have learned about teaching art.

“It is a great way for students to get practice teaching, give them something to help develop their practicum and is great for the community.  It really benefits both sides and makes (what they are learning) more real,” said Art Department Chair Don Robson.

This semester, 22 Concordia students are working in groups to provide five sessions where elementary students will be working with varying materials. The students will work through a lesson that teaches art history, how to find aesthetic uses for the material, how to make art with the material and how to evaluate their work.

These sessions are offered each semester. This gives plenty of opportunities for parents to sign up their children to receive an experience with art beyond what they receive in elementary school.  Each of the five sessions include a different age group of elementary students.

“The feedback from parents is great, and the students enjoy it.  It is a real eye opener for (the students) and benefits them when they put together a portfolio,” Robson said.

Registration for the sessions is required ahead of time, along with a $5 fee to cover material costs. Each session has a total of 25 seats available for elementary students.  This semester three of the sessions have already passed: Oct. 22, Oct. 29 and Nov. 5.  The two remaining sessions are for third and fourth graders on Nov. 12 and fifth and sixth graders on Dec. 3. Sessions will be available again sometime during the coming spring semester.

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