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Home News Blood Drive Successful Despite Delays

by Jayme Lowe


On April 21, the Pre-Med Club hosted its second blood drive of the year with the Red Cross and suffered an hour and a half delay before appointments to donate could begin.

Appointments were scheduled to start at 10 a.m., but the Red Cross truck did not show up until 10:30 a.m. Even then, it was missing supplies, so most of the appointments could not commence until almost 11:30. However, once started, the event was successful, and all of the willing students did their part to donate.

Over 90 students signed up to give blood, although the Pre-Med club members had hoped for more. The members in charge of the drive were volunteers and were all hoping to give blood as well.

The event was put on in the Cattle Conference Room with the help of the Red Cross, who provided the equipment and nurses to take the blood. The Red Cross then took the donated blood to the blood bank to store it until it would be needed.

To encourage students to give blood, the Pre-Med club offered several incentives. The club showed three movies, “When the Game Stands Tall,” “Coach Carter” and “Remember the Titans,” on the projector screen in the Cattle Conference Room while the students gave blood. Other incentives included snacks to keep blood sugar up as well as water to make sure everyone was hydrated enough to participate.

Sophomore Mary Janovich, one of the club members in charge of the event, was enthusiastic about participating in the blood drive herself and encouraging others to give blood. When asked about why she thought giving blood was important, she said, “Saving lives! You save three lives every time you donate.”

The Pre-Med club hosts two blood drives each year. The next one will be in November.

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