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Home News Bulldogs for Life and Seward Community Participates in Annual Life Chain Event

By Haleigh Fitzsimmons

Photo Courtesy of Haleigh Fitzsimmons


Members of the Seward community gathered together for the annual Life Chain event for a time of prayer and awareness against abortion. 

Life Chain occurs around the United States on the first Sunday in October every year. It is an hour-long event of silence and prayerful consideration in which members of the community can gather and hold signs along the street to pray for women considering abortion, the children, and the abortionists involved. 

The Seward County Pro-Life Council organized this event and work to be present in the Fourth of July parade, state, and the county fair. President of the Seward County Pro-Life Council Edie Sander believes that every baby is a precious life that deserves to live. 

“Doing it in Seward doesn’t really change anything. We just want to make people aware of who drives by.” Sander said. Sander said.

Their purpose is to create a community that fights for life and wants to support others with the love of Christ and prayer. 

Sander spoke on the potential of Roe V. Wade becoming overturned and how abortion would be removed from federal government funding and brought down to the state level.

“Nebraska is a very pro-life state, so, we feel very confident about good things happening in Nebraska.” Sander said. 

Of course, organizations like these make it their mission to spread the message of hope and love for all life and wish for abortion to be demolished nationwide. 

Sander expressed his gratitude to the Concordia Nebraska Bulldogs for Life for making an appearance to the life chain and participating with the community. 

President of Bulldogs for Life Joanna Sherril shared ways that the gospel and the Holy Spirit could help comfort those in an abortion situation. 

In an interview with Sherill, she said that the big importance of approaching abortion is to find out how they can help those who have found themselves in that situation.   

Sherill shared what she would want to tell those considering abortion.

“God loves and cares for them. There are other options and we would love to care for them.” Sherill said.

Bulldogs for Life is an active group on campus that spreads awareness against abortion on CUNE’s campus and participates in various outreach events in the Nebraska area. For more information, you can follow them on social media @bulldogs4lifecu. 

In addition to Bulldogs for Life, other members of the Concordia community came to share their support, including interim president Russel Sommerfeld.

Passersby honked their horns around the square and gave thumbs up to those holding signs for Life Chain sharing their gratitude and support for the cause.  

Pro-choice advocates did show a small presence at the event and both sides remained respectful and gracious towards one another. 

Due to Covid-19, Life Chain will be happening nationwide on November first this year and continues to encourage participants to wear masks and social distance.

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